The Memory Mate? With this week being the week that most High Schools will be holding their Fall Media day sessions, I wanted to talk about the backbone of The Picture Guys photo arsenal, “The Memory Mate” The Memory Mate has evolved into a popular item for most photography companies. Many of whom use basic templates with basic lettering in their presentations. The Memory mate took its place on the photography scene to give the customer an 8×10 product with team and individual photo combined into one. This has become a staple expectation now in this area as a necessary item. A nice presentation of the Memory Mate makes this even more attractive along with a minimal price. The Picture Guy believes what sets his Memory Mates apart from the competition is customization along with reasonable pricing.
We customize our Memory Mates using your team, or organization logos and colors, to show your team spirit. We also can take your slogan or other custom wording and incorporate them into the design. Pricing also sets us apart.
Competitors who can do the Memory Mate can charge as much as $17 for this item. The Picture Guy keeps it at a low $10 and builds around the photo to enhance packages for the customer.

So do you want a Memory Mate with tired templates and high pricing. Or does a Memory Mate with custom graphics and lettering, accompanied by a reasonable price sound better. Check out the designs here in this blog, or click Memory Mates on our home page and see more samples. Give the Picture Guy a call to design that one of a kind Memory Mate for you.