This Past week several people have asked me at various events, what is your favorite sport, or thing to photograph? That is a trick question for me. I really enjoy what I do and look forward to each event or session. I do have to admit there are some sports that at times get long and tiring to photograph. I have been doing this so long there are times that I get into ruts or routines. I feel though that a routine is good at times. There are certain shots I know have the best chance of selling so I make sure to get that shot at each game of each participant.

Action photos are often hard to come by. You know you get that 1-0 game, or a football game where the team runs up the middle every time. I have learned in those situations to make your own action. And I love to get the shots I call sweetheart shots. My definition of a sweetheart shot is, that shot through the catchers mask, or an extreme close up of the kid smiling as he/she reaches first base, or the kid in the dugout leaning on the fence. Those shots almost always sell. I have also learned that an “action shot” is in the eye of the beholder too. I love working on a pitcher in baseball and softball, especially one who has those classic facials. To me the ball rolling off the fingers just at that time it leaves the had is the ultimate. So often though, I sell that photo of the pitcher at the height of his or her wind up or just standing in the starting position.

Dealing with umpires and refs often become problematic too. Last week I was sitting on the shortstop of a softball team, by that I mean I was on her with the camera, not taking photos just had her in focus so if the play was at her. Her mother had asked for photos of her and I had been through my usual routine so I took time to concentrate on her. Things worked out perfect, well almost, as I had her in focus a shot was hit at her she made a spectacular play. When I reviewed my photos just at the point of impact, the ball and her glove , I had a photo of the umpires arm. He had moved over to get a better look and of course he was in my way. Oh well mom bought a poster so I must of got something good.

Anticipation plays a big role in any type of photography I do. I have been around the ball fields and sports all my life. I feel I have a good idea of where and what is going to happen. I have even noticed in my many years of portrait photography that you need to anticipate the smile or look of a subject. The worst thing you can do is tell a kid to smile, that is when things go south. The best thing to do is smile at them and that is my strong point I smile a lot.

So what is my favorite. Still not sure. I love a good hurdle shot, a swinging baseball/softball shot when the ball impacts the bat, a sliding shot, diving catch, a swimmer with a beautiful stroke, a header, a celebration, a sweet smile, a deer sneaking into view, still not sure I just know I love photography. That is the most important thing. If you are a pro or just a person who likes snapshots. Get out and do it, you will find there are so many photos you will like.

To see some of my favorites go to my website I have a tab at the bottom called the Best of The Picture Guy, there you will find some of my favorite action photos. I also have chose a lot of my favorite posters and poses in my sample albums.
I guess my favorite thing to photograph is my next job.