The Fall Season is just around the corner! Media Days, team and league photos, and new seasons beginning. Over the years I have a lot of memories from Fall photo sessions. Days are often long and HOT! During these photo appointments I get to see the best come out in the athletes and myself, but sometimes in the heat and just plain old being tired things get a little edgy. I must admit though this is my favorite time of the year. All the sports teams getting ready to turn on ” The Friday Night Lights” and get down to business. Soccer, Football, Cheer Leading, Band, Volleyball, Cross Country and Golf, all ready to leave it all on the field. Plus my first child, my daughter Katelin, was born the first day of Fall, another reason to love this time of the year.

When taking photos this time of year, especially with the High School and Middle School athletes, I sometimes hear, when asking about a pose or photo idea, the dreaded words, “it’s just a picture”. Oh my what that does to my insides. I am sure I betray my inner feelings by my facial expression. These fall photos, or even the photos taken in these situations no matter Spring, Summer, or Winter, often become family classics. You know the baseball photo where you can really notice your child’s freckles or that toothless smile. You know what I am talking about we all have that classic photo we can pull out and say that is the one I love. Everyday as a photographer that is the photo I want to capture for my subjects and their family. That brings me to the photo(s) included in this blog.

A hot August day brought this photo op to me. Knowing Jeremy Huff since he was a C-Team football player and taking photos of him since then, has been an honor. On this day though this blessing was almost more than I could stand. Those of you who know me best know that I am very softhearted, and sometimes can get emotional. Well on this day I struggled to keep my feelings from these tough football boys. Setting up photos for these boys and their attitude poses for their first ever attitude poster was next on the agenda. It had already been a tough time seeing Jeremy stroll out to the field. His gate had changed from a youthful stroll to a slow deliberate pace. A pace brought on by many treatments for the Cancer he had been battling for months.

The way the team and community had rallied with Jeremy to fight his cancer battle is often the story line for a Hollywood movie. This was real life. As I discussed the various attitude poses with the boys we laughed and carried on. Some wanted the Heisman pose, others a serious flex pose. When Jeremy stepped up to do his pose he thought that holding two footballs out to the side and staring at the camera would be an intimidating pose. Little did we know at the time the impact this pose would have, especially on my life.

Back home in the comfort of the AC I start to edit and separate the photos from the days shoot. Some for the program, some for memory mates, some for the booster, hundreds of photos to look at. As I got to the attitude photos I started to laugh and enjoy memories I had of these boys from the time they were little football players, now they were men, well almost. Then I get to this photo of Jeremy. The rally call of Jeremy’s battle with cancer had been from the get go, “God’s Got This”. As I looked at this photo I could see a lot more than a young man holding footballs to his side. I saw Christ. The vision of this boy fighting for his life, coupled with the vision of Christ giving his to save Jeremy, and me.

A few months went by and our Pastor let the church know that in a few days we were having a special speaker come to the church and give his testimony. It was Jeremy. Then it came to me I wanted to do something special with that photo, that spoke so vividly to me. So I get on the phone with Ted, my graphic designer, and describe what I am thinking. Well as usual Ted comes up with better than my thinking. So with the addition of graphics, the photo taken on that hot August afternoon has been given that “Classic” honor.

“Just a picture”, The next time you think that photo you take, or pose for, is just a photo. It is not. It is a frame of time. Your time, my time, time that is not promised to any of us, but a precious moment. Thanks for allowing The Picture Guy to be there for those times. Be sure when you see me toting that big lens around, with sweat pouring off my face, and my cap on backwards, I am on a mission. I am not just trying to earn a few dollars to support my family. I am trying to capture the next “Classic” for you.

God Bless

The Picture Guy

Eddie Ferrari

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