Last fall the novel idea of doing attitude posters for teams sprouted and came to life. In past years the idea had been kicked around and lightly explored. The decision of The Picture Guy to finally do “The Attitude” photo came to life in the fall of 2012. Kids, Parents, and photographers often tire of the same old mundane team photos. You know what I mean. The photographer says, ” give me 7 in the front row 8 in the next row be sure to window up”, same old same old every year, the traditional stack. Well “the traditional stack”, is here to stay because it is needed for all of it common uses. The Picture Guy decided why not try something different. Starting off doing a Senior based attitude photo it soon blossomed into a photo for the whole squad. We found that teams exceeding 30 were hard to get just right. So teams that were that large we just done the senior poses. Then the team concept took form with soccer teams cheer squads and others who fit the mold as far as numbers went.

As the year progressed kids were inquiring during their photo session, are you doing one of those attitude things? The answer turned into a yes! The attitude photo opened up many doors for The Picture Guy too. Schools or coaches called just for that style photo. So by the end of the school year The Picture Guy, along with the graphic wizardry of Ted, pulled off attitude photos for over 30 teams. Pretty impressive for a first attempt at something this unique.

The new school season is right around the corner. High School and Middle School teams we photograph, we will be doing attitude shots for you. Youth leagues we will be glad to explore the idea with you too. The Picture Guy is looking for this to be a banner year for the “Attitude” Poster. So Athletes be ready. Think of a pose you want to do, be creative. Coaches, Principals, Boosters, even though The Picture Guy is not your official photographer we still will be glad to schedule a session for your team(s). Beware these photos are being attempted by others but the detail and quality doesn’t compare to the original “Attitude”. The saying, ” Copied but never duplicated” applies.

So get an attitude and be ready to show it off in this unique way. See you at the field!